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My toughest challenge yet - “November Beast”

Ryan Jones - my toughest challenge yet - “November Beast”

Starting on Friday 30th Oct and running 1 mile on day one and adding a mile for each day for 30 day’s of the challenge, easy right?

Wrong. This adds up to a whopping 465 miles in just 30 days with 190 of those compressed into the final week. This is a test of physical and mental endurance that few actually complete.

The rules are simple enough. You can complete the target milage for the day in any combination within the 24 hour period, so for example on day 20 you can run 10 miles in the morning and 10 miles in the evening.


1: to raise awareness for men’s mental health. Battling your own mental struggles take a daily toll on your life, have an accumulative detrimental affect on your well being with each day tougher than the last

2: to raise money for my very own Dare 2 Dream charity: through which we will buy and deliver our first “Chatty Bench” to the Mumbles Sea Front. An easily identifiable seat where people can go and sit, with the ambition that people take the time to stop and talk or more importantly listen. During a time of isolation never had human interaction been more important

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3: if you’d prefer I will also be supporting Mind Cymru and Make a Wish Foundation through

4: to inspire just one person to take on their own “November Challenge” by just committing to doing something/anything each day in November to raise some pennies for something you care about! Would love to hear what your challenge is......

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